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In order to meet your demands and requirements and in this way make your booking on our web site more convenient and easier please take into consideration the following advice: BOOKING The booking of the desired facility with the Apropos Travel system can be done in two ways depending on whether the facility disposes with up to date information on availability of its accommodation capacity. Therefore all facilities are divided into two categories: 1. Real time bookable facilities – directly, without sending the e-mail is possible to book the facilities listed in the lists of facilities or marked with on the description of facilities. Complete booking is effectuated within 5 minutes without the need of sending multiple e-mails!!! 2. Facilities bookable via requests – facilities with no up to date information on availability of their accommodation capacities can be booked by request. It is a slightly longer procedure but necessary because we don”t have information on availability of their accommodation capacities except by request. On facilities” lists or on the description of facilities they are marked as The booking of the preferred facility can be done in two ways (for Real time bookable facilities): 1. DIRECT SELECTION OF A FACILITY While searching through the desired destination and selecting the desired facility by clicking on “Availability Check” you can obtain the information on the possibility of booking that accommodation facility, that is the accommodation units of the facility you have been looking for. The information contains the final price of the requested package taking in consideration the number and the structure of persons who make the reservation (children – discounts, third bed etc.). When you click on “Book” you open the booking application form where you have to enter your personal data in order to complete the reservation. 2. SEARCH ENGINE SELECTION Using the Booking link you can browse through the availability of all the facilities in a particular destination (destinations in the whole of Croatia down to a single settlement). Along with the designation of arrival and departure dates and number of persons demanding accommodation, Apropos Travel system provides you with the total accommodation price for the requested package for separate facilities available for booking in the requested period. You can arrange the list of available facilities according to prices and by clicking on “Book” you can obtain the booking application form where you have to enter your personal data required for completing the reservation. 3. GENERAL After filling in the form, it is of great importance to enter your e-mail address, and confirming the reservation by ticking the ” hereby I accept the General Terms of Business” box (available on our web pages at the bottom on the “General Terms of Business” link) and clicking the “Book” tab your booking is complete. Within 1-2 minutes Apropos Travel you will send you an adequate confirmation of your reservation by e-mail with paying instructions. When you have paid in accordance with the Booking Confirmation you have secured the accommodation according to your wish. With the confirmation, you will find the password enclosed in order to access the reservation and print it again in case you have lost the present one at: www.apropos-travel.com 4. Notice: one booking implies the booking of accommodation for 6 persons at the most (including adults and children). We wish you a nice and pleasant surfing on our web site. We look forward to your suggestions and remarks regarding the improvement of the services we provide and in that case please write to [email protected] Your Apropos Travel Team

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